Friday, November 15, 2013

A Sewing Day

Monday was Veterans Day, and thus I had a paid day off work, the entirety of which was spent on delightfully homey projects, mainly sewing. With breaks to knead bread and put loaves in the oven and tend to the big pot of beans cooking on the stove, I stitched away on a variety of projects I have had planned for months, all for numerous babies arriving in the early spring, including my niefling (the marvelous, gender-neutral term I discovered for niece/nephew), who is due to turn up in March. Auntie Liz has been knitting and stitching away, very excited to meet this wee one in a few months, and to see my wonderful brother and sister-in-law become parents.

It had been many months since I had pulled out my sewing machine, and I have to say, I can think of few better ways to spend a windy November day, than to spread out all over my living room with thread and flannel, listening alternately to folk music, NPR, and episodes of The Moth and This American Life.

Among some other simpler projects, I achieved another goal of mine, finally sewing clothing that is more complex than a plain skirt. I thought, if I'm going to learn more about sewing clothes, why not start with little clothes? Using a delicious plaid flannel and this easy pattern, I produced two pairs of baby pants for two different babies. (I don't hold with making or giving gendered clothes or gifts anyway, and both babies are handily gender-unknown at this point). I used the 0-3 months size for these, and will probably make some more in the larger size at a later date.

 On one pair, I sewed very wide bottom hems so the legs can be cuffed if needed, although they are pretty short that way. The other pair got an edging of ric-rac leftover from another project.

 These were a great exercise in some of the sewing basics- inseams and elastic waistbands, and attempting to cut the fabric so that the print matched up between the various pieces. The second pair went much faster than the first, and I'm really pleased with the results of both. So satisfying.

After focusing most of my "projecting" energies on knitting and dabbling in carpentry recently, it felt great to get back into a sewing rhythm. I'll have to do more soon! Lots more ideas and projects brewing in my mind as I type this.