Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh, hello!

Hi! It's been awhile. I don't have a particularly good excuse for being absent from my blog, but some things did happen in the last six months.

-In October I started a new job, in my field. I now work for the Oregon Health Authority, doing work I believe in and am excited about. It keeps me very busy and I get to travel around the state and work with awesome people, so it's very fulfilling. 

-I gave up my community garden plot when I started my new job. It's so sad not to have a garden to plan for this time of year, but working downtown and being so busy, I never would have gotten to my plot anyway.

-I have taken several trips to see my family and have spent lots of time with my little niece, Maggie, who is now nine months old (!!)

-Bill and I have continued to work on a Shaker style cabinet for my kitchen (which we started over a year ago). Now it just needs drawers and a worktop.

-I started and completed my most ambitious sewing project to date. It's a gift, so more details after it has been gifted.

Life is good, projecting continues to happen, and hopefully I can get to be around here more often these days. Happy New Year!