Saturday, April 5, 2008

Here I Am

After writing about my need and desire for hope in a world of chaos and despair, I realized that maybe if I put my writings in a public place, there is a chance that someone might stumble across a thought or reflection of mine that hits home and makes them feel like they are not quite so alone, or opens their mind up to an idea they hadn't really considered before. The idea of being able to connect with someone or positively impact someone through writing is stunning to me on a deep level. So here's a format where I don't inflict my ramblings on anyone, but if they happen across something here, maybe it can strike a chord or stir up some thoughts. Thank you Izarra for reminding me that this medium exists. I have been here before. If you're so inclined, check out my other blogs:

Londonliz -- prolific journaling from my semester in England, fall 2004
Kiwismee -- written from New Zealand, January 2007

Thanks for joining me.


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