Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recent Crocheting Projects

Here are some photos of a couple recent things I’ve done with crocheting.

The first is a purse that I’ve taken forever to finish- I started it last spring! I’ve had all the pieces sitting around for months and finally got around to putting it together.

The purple heather wool came from Matt’s grandmother’s knitting bag, which he inherited when she died. It is a really fine wool, and tears easily, so I doubled it with embroidery silk to reinforce it. The lining to the bag is an old napkin from my kitchen that I cut down and hemmed by hand (before I had my sewing machine).

The button and the grosgrain ribbon for the strap came from a craft store. The crocheted section is just a rectangle, with pink embroidery silk instead of purple on one end, which became the flap. I sewed the napkin lining to it with dark teal embroidery silk- I was being a little sloppy with big stitches, but I really love the way it looks!

Once the lining was on, I folded the rectangle over on itself and “spiral” stitched the sides of the bag with the same teal thread, making sure to get the stitches through the lining to hold everything well in place. I folded the ends of the ribbon and put them right inside the edges of the bag and double stitched them with the teal thread to make sure they were good and attached. Then I sewed on the brass button, and I was done!

I didn’t use a pattern and just kind of made the whole thing up as I went, so I’m extra pleased at how it turned out. I needed a new purse, and it just fits my wallet, phone, keys, and glasses case.

The other projects are a couple more dishcloths that I’ve been crocheting in my free time at work.
They are made from wool, not cotton, so they shrink once they get wet and end up with a nice felted texture, so after my first one I learned to make them a little bigger, so they don’t end up tiny once they’re in the water!

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