Saturday, June 25, 2011

Out of the Chaos, Order Emerges

We've lived in our house for two days now, and we are describing it to people as "made of awesome." We keep discovering things about it that we love, and on top of adoring the house and the property, we are having the fun of re-discovering all of the kitchen gear, clothes, gardening stuff, and furniture we forgot we had. There are still big piles of random in every room, all the dry goods I bought in bulk yesterday are still in grocery bags on the kitchen floor, and we've been spending a lot of time washing dishes after discovering that mice got into a couple boxes of kitchen items while in storage and chewed up all the paper they were wrapped in and left droppings everywhere. However, order is beginning to emerge, and home is starting to appear:

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
 The still chaotic spare room, into which we shoved everything during moving to keep the mayhem to a minimum.

 The kitchen was the first room to be unpacked. 

 Roses from a few of our dozen or so bushes!

We finally found the toolbox last night and were able to put the legs back on the table. The awesome overalls were an early birthday gift from Matt, from Rosie's Workwear. I can't get enough of them. 

And finally, this morning, we brought home a tiny wee flock:
From top to bottom we have a Barred Plymouth Rock, a Salmon Faverolle, a Rhode Island Red, a Gold-Laced Wyandotte, and an Australorp. They have taken up residence in the brooder box in the spare room closet, and so far all are healthy, active and feisty!

I'll be back soon with a more organized update, but as it's the weekend Matt and I are trying to get as much done as possible while he doesn't have to work. We are alternately unpacking inside and sorting out the garden outside, and are thoroughly loving our new life, our new home, and our new little peepers!


DEB said...

Hope everything gets sorted out soon and you get to spend so e time enjoying your new space.

FlowerLady said...

This post has me smiling. I can feel the joy and excitement of setting up home in your new house, making it yours.

Enjoy it all, unpacking, decorating, and working in your gardens. How wonderful that you have several rose bushes to enjoy.

Have fun with your peepers too.