Saturday, September 17, 2011

Windfall Pie

We've had the first apple pie of the season! Apples have been falling from our trees when they're not quite ripe, and we collected enough to actually do something with, so Thursday evening Matt started sorting through them. About a third of them weren't usable due to worms and strange brown coloring on the apple flesh, hopefully next year when we're here and maintaining the trees all season, we'll get a better crop.
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In our house, apple pie is an acceptable substitute for any meal. Life just gets better when you have apple pie for breakfast:
 (Yesterday morning, with hashbrowns and coffee). 

It's raining this morning. And I'm talking proper rain: steady, gray rain falling from an evenly pearl gray sky, the kind of rain we haven't had here in three months. The kind that makes a soft swishing sound on the roof and ground as it falls, which my ears identify from my pillow, before my eyes are even open. The chickens are confused (they haven't experienced rain before), but I'm wearing a fleece and wool socks today, and I finally feel like a true Portlander again. It's good to be home.


Brenna said...

It has become Fall here as well, and I went to our old house yesterday and picked 30 pounds of apples from their tree that they don't use. I will be making plenty of pies and other delicious treats! Sigh, how I love this time of year.


FlowerLady said...

That apple pie looks delicious! I see that you are having sweater weather. Lucky you. It's still hot and steamy down here.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady