Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do you like green eggs and ham?

It would appear that Vivian, our Ameracauna, overheard our plans to butcher her next week and decided to buy herself some time! After not laying a single egg in the almost six months we've had her (she is almost three years old now), she produced this monster double-yolker yesterday morning! We're stoked- green eggs are such fun to find, and a nice thing to add to the batches of eggs that go to our friends. Now if she can just keep them coming!

Keep in mind, my hand is quite big to begin with! This egg is fairly massive.

In other chicken-related news, our chicken-triggered door ceased to be effective about three days in, when the hens apparently devolved and forgot how to work it. They did it fine the first few days, and after that we would once again be awoken by loud squawking when they found themselves trapped in the henhouse. Instead of going to the door to get out, they now jump up onto their roosts, where they can see outside, which negates the possibility of them stepping on the pedal. We've tried several remedies, with no success. So we're back to square one, letting them out at the crack of dawn when they wake us up with their noise. Sigh. I've been dreaming a lot lately about living in the country, with the chicken run on the opposite side of a multi-acre property, far from where we (and our neighbors) sleep. 

P.S. I just went to check for eggs, and found both Goldie and Esther sitting on the nest. Yes, two hens on the same nest! Whatever annoyance they may be, chickens are also an endless source of entertainment!

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farmer_liz said...

They are certainly entertaining! We call them "chicken TV" and can spend hours watching them! Its a shame that your door didn't work, I hope you think of something else, must be a pain being woken up by them.