Friday, July 20, 2012


I love this time of year. The garden is bursting with goodness, it's salsa season, there are barbecues and potlucks to go to, and we've been having loads of thunderstorms at night, but warm days. The whole season speaks of growth and abundance.

Yesterday's garden basket: ingredients for salsa! (and a branch of cherry tomatoes that I broke off. I'm clumsy. They are now ripening by the kitchen window). 

Guacamole in our lava rock mortar. YUM.

 Tonight's garden basket

Which turned into a stone-ground pesto...

...add some pasta...


More potatoes.

 Another batch of rabbits were butchered today (sorry, the terrible lighting makes this look far more gory than it is in reality).

Tonight's task: shelling the Alderman peas. 

This is the time of year when it is insane to go on vacation, because the garden gets ahead of us! Up next on our list: picking the green beans (which have gone totally apesh*t in the last couple days of mild heat), blanching and freezing the peas and beans, and harvesting the garlic! (I pulled up one bulb today, it's looking very good). 

It's been a busy week! Since getting back from the Spokane area, we spent the last two days celebrating Matt's birthday, first with family on Wednesday night, and then with friends at our house last night. I surprised Matt at his Wednesday party with an ice cream roll-up cake (which I had snuck off to his mom's to make in secret the night before), Jessa and Elliot gave him an ice cream maker (!!!), his dad gave him a massively generous gift of high-quality tools, and he also received The River Cottage Meat Book, Back to Basics, and a couple other very useful books that we're both excited about. At our barbecue last night, there were oodles of small sweet children running around, old friends and new (several young urban farmers that Matt met recently), an impromptu jam session, a fire in the brick fire place, and a lighting storm that created an amazing atmosphere as the sun went down. It's been a nice few days, but I'm glad the weekend is here now, for us to catch up with things!


FlowerLady said...

Great harvest, and look at those rabbits. (I really don't think I could raise them then eat them.) How did you fix them by the way?

The dishes ready to eat look delicious.

Matt's birthday sounded great.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

Liz said...

These rabbits have gone into the freezer. So far the tastiest way we've discovered to cook them is to bread and fry them (exactly like fried chicken), but it's time consuming and not particularly healthy. They're really delicious braised with a bunch of woody herbs too. I surprised myself by having more trouble dealing with butchering one of the chickens than with butchering the rabbits. I think the rabbits have less personality than the hens, and aren't such a strong daily feature of our lives.