Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here and There

It's been a week full of bunnies, tomatoes, friends, and all kinds of other things. Some bad, some good. Mostly good. 

We tried this Five Minute Bread and it's outstanding. I'm sold. 

Babies! They're two weeks old now. Sixteen plump little bunnies out of the original 17 (two litters born on the same day. We need to learn to stagger the breedings so we don't get so inundated).  We're all getting better at this, mamas and human caretakers both. Fewer casualties every time.

This was a few days ago- they're already so much bigger. Princess's brood were out of their nest box for a few minutes here; we had to pull it out to remove a sibling that had died during our heat wave.  You can see the naked spots where Princess pulled out her fur to line the nest before they were born.

Safely back in a new clean nest.

We're still drowning in cherry tomatoes, and I've been eating a couple peaches a day; always my favorite type of fruit. There is a fruit stand a couple blocks away that has some really incredible ones. 

We bought a whole box and canned 13 quarts on Sunday. It was the first time Matt had canned anything, I'm glad I got to teach him. I had a couple metal canning lids that were still fresh. The rest are the BPA-free Tattler lids and rings, and we also used two of the Weck jars that Matt gave me for Christmas (on the right). 

We're heading out of town for the weekend, so in an effort to use up all the ripe tomatoes before we leave, I whipped up a batch of pasta sauce for freezing.

Our friends Provo and Jeremy brought us a big crookneck squash yesterday so I added a bunch of that too. I piled everything into a pan, covered it in herbs, garlic, and olive oil, and baked for an hour at 400F. 

Tomato skins pulled off, everything pureed in the food processor, and now four meals' worth of sauce put away in the freezer. That's a nice feeling.

We're off to the woods of the Olympic Peninsula for the weekend, to see some good friends get hitched. See you next week!

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