Friday, August 23, 2013

By the Sisters

The four days after my birthday were spent in the Three Sisters Wilderness in Central Oregon, in the company of an excellent gentleman friend and some absolutely stellar scenery. For many years I've wanted to hike at least a short stretch of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, and that has now happened. Backpacking in the high country comes with so many things you can't get anywhere else: perfectly clear alpine lakes, the fresh and bracing feel of the clean mountain air, picking huckleberries for breakfast every morning, the peace of no cell phones or computers, let alone the noise of traffic or neighbors; just birdsong, breezes, crickets, fish jumping and deer snorting in the night. Wildlife sightings included adorable pikas, deer, fat toads, curious chipmunks, hawks and many kinds of birds, and wacky big crickets climbing around on the tent at night. Perfect weather, almost no bugs, and the only blemish on the thing was the fact that I got horrific blisters on both heels on the second day and had to finish the trip in my Keens. The whole thing was wonderful, but perhaps my favorite moment was perching on a rock in the morning sunshine at a ridgetop campsite, journal on my lap and pen in my hand, soaking up 360 degrees of stunning scenery and unable to think of any other location I'd rather be.

The chaos of packing.

The view from the first night's campsite.

Later, a mountain was discovered across the lake as the clouds cleared.

Skinnydipping in this lake may or may not have occurred...

On the Pacific Crest Trail in front of the South Sister.

An obsidian floe, sparkling in the bright sunshine. 

The Middle Sister.

Man with a map.

Granola and fresh huckleberries, eaten sitting on a fallen log: truly the breakfast of champions. 

Have you ever seen a cooler campsite? Yeah, me neither. 

Broken Top across the Wickiup Plains. 

Let's go back again soon, shall we?

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Carol said...

We did go into Indian Heaven for 3 days. Only thing better than picking berries for myself was watching Hefe go berry-picking, face first :)