Thursday, March 6, 2014

For Babies

I've spent the last couple of months immersing myself in lots of fun knitting and sewing projects for the many (ok, three) babies in my life who are due in March and April. My brother and sister-in-law, plus two sets of good friends, are expecting, and it's been such fun to put together little bundles of baby gifts for them.

For my niece/nephew, another Pebble vest, and Saartje's booties (These are now up on my Ravelry account). I used the same heathery wool that I used for my first Pebble this spring, and made both the vest and booties a biggish size. They also got some blankets, flannel pants, and burp cloths.

These didn't all go to the same baby, but the colors looked nice together for a photo! The pants are from the same pattern as these, in the 0-3 months size. 

I love love love this wool, and the buttons too- and the stem. If only I had read the pattern more closely and not decreased too turned into a beanie. But that didn't stop Joel & Heather's 2-year-old daughter from wearing it, and hopefully it will fit the new baby somewhere down the line.

Another Pebble, this one for Laurel & Robert's due-in-April daughter, green like the spring. This one is teeny for a brand new baby. 

The assortment that went to Heather and Joel. We had a good laugh because the burp cloths (one of my go-to baby gifts) I made were actually the same flannel I had used for a blanket for their 2-year-old when she was a newborn....but I had forgotten that I used the same fabric two years ago. Their little girl recognized it and said they matched! ...She also put on the new bibs as a cape and wore them around for awhile.

I'll write about the bibs in the next post. They are my favorite thing that I have sewn to date.

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