Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Summer Meal

Last week Matt and I decided to use some of the water buffalo meat we got a few weeks ago, and made a tasty meal of spaghetti in fresh homemade sauce. I don't like most conventional tomato sauces (but love fresh tomatoes in any form...), but when sauces are made fresh and there are no tomato skins involved, I do enjoy them.

I chopped a handful of fresh oregano and marjoram from the garden, as well as a handful of our sungold cherry tomatoes to add to a salad. We fried up half a pound of the water buffalo burger with about five cloves of pressed garlic and half of the herbs, plus a pinch of salt. The water buffalo meat is delicious! It is deliciously oily, but seems to be lean at the same time. We approve.

Once the meat was cooked, we added a small can of tomato paste and a cup or so of water and the rest of the herbs, and let it cook down and even out in texture.

The spaghetti was served with a ceasar salad with fresh nasturtiums from teh garden, and a glass of Merlot. The whole meal took about forty-five to cook. Hurrah for fresh, nutritious meals!

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