Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Counting Down and Catching Up

It's been a busy several days, and I don't really have the energy or inspiration for a normal post today, but I thought I'd just write a few notes to assure everyone that I am, in fact, still here :)

Matt and I spent Friday driving out Highway 30 to Astoria, exploring little towns along the way, and then across the Astoria Bridge into Washington. We spent the weekend at a lovely beach house on Willapa Bay with a group of Matt's awesome college friends and had a nice reunion. We walked on the beach, ate about five pounds of saltwater taffy, and had some really good meals (I introduced everyone to homemade tortillas- I made about 25 of them on Saturday night for our taco bar!). It was a really nice time, but I arrived home exhausted!

Now Matt is sick with some kind of a sinus infection, so he's laid up for a few days (hopefully not more!), and the weather has turned to gray and rain, which is making me a little lethargic. So I'm trying to keep up my energy so I can get some cooking done tonight as well as packing and keeping up with everything at work. We are in the middle of interviewing candidates for my position, and it is turning out to be a rather frustrating process. I'm also hitting up against the emotions of realizing that I'm leaving my job for good, and that I will very soon be saying goodbye to all my loved ones (except M, of course) for a long time. Eighteen days till we leave!

Anyway, my goals for the evening are to cook up some soup and green beans and rice (enough for dinner and for lunch tomorrow), call Mom and Dad to work out details for this weekend (they will be visiting us all of the long weekend), and maybe get some photos and decor packed away to go into storage.

I will make every effort to be back later in the week with a more upbeat, useful post. Happy September to you all!

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