Monday, November 15, 2010

A Quick Update

The internet is down at the Wavehaven, so I'm updating quickly from the library where I am looking at more job postings, sending out more c.v.s, and various other online errands while Matt teaches at the YMCA. They are taking a group of kids climbing outdoors today, I'm eager to hear how it went and where they went- I wasn't aware of much low-level climbing near here.

It's mostly been life as usual, yesterday we went out for a morning surf at Oakura Beach and caught a few, but mostly it was a good chance for me to paddle around a lot in the mellow waves and work on my upper body strength! It was a gorgeous day, though- 17 C/63 F, and sunny as all get-out. We went out for another surf this morning, during the one hour when it got chilly and gray- and the swell has been terrible, so we didn't catch a single wave. After lunch yesterday we took a walk from the Haven, across the highway and up into Egmont National Park- the border of which is about 500 metres from where we are living! It was a different world as soon as we were into the park- huge redwoods (yes, redwoods!), very tall tree ferns, and loads of birds that we hadn't heard just a few metres away in the farmland.

I am working on putting together another post of cultural differences and such, and I should have that and some new photos up in a few days. Meanwhile, we await good surf enjoy the sunshine in other ways. I just looked up for the forecast for the next three days- clear and sunny, with a high of 22 C/72 F, definitely excited after a few days of rain!

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