Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Recent Photos

Friday, 19th November, 2010
9:36 PM

I am absolutely knackered tonight, so am just going to post a few photos to catch you up with some of our recent meanderings. Today was our first day of working the shop move for Kathmandu, an NZ/Australian outdoor store, so we packed, lifted, sorted, and schlepped boxes for about 8 hours today, and I am totally done in. But the physical work does feel good, we're making money, and the other good news is that the owners of the Wavehaven told us today that we've been doing such a good job with the cleaning and upkeep here that they want us to keep doing work for rent as long as we're here! If other guests arrive wanting to work for accommodation, the managers will find other work for them, and we get to keep on without paying rent, which is very welcome news!

(click on photos to enlarge)
 Ahu Ahu beach, our primary surf spot (on a day with no surf). The pinnacles in the background are the Sugarloaf Islands at the port of New Plymouth.

Just up the road...

 The wreck of the SS Gairloch (c. 1903) at Weld Road.

 Kiwi Zone for the win.

 Everywhere around here, nasturtiums grow wild over all the verges/roadsides. I love it!

 Not illegal in New Zealand (see previous post).

 A tree fern nurse stump at a picnic area we walked to in the National Park.


 The shipwreck from the other side of the beach.

From Lucy's Gully, in Egmont National Park. The Tasman Sea is in the distance, and the Wavehaven is in the squarish clump of trees right below the tree fern branches, with Ahu Ahu Road at its edge, leading towards the sea.

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Amy said...

Very cool! I like your shirt in the pic with the beer :)