Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off to Golden Bay

Friday, 22nd April, 2011

We are off north to Golden Bay for the holiday weekend, where we will be staying at a relatively remote holiday house with some friends from work, and their friends, and then visiting a goat farm near Takaka and getting some experience with another type of four-legged creature! We will be back here in Nelson on Monday evening, at which time I will relate to you all of our shenanigans from the weekend. The only things planned so far include exploring a big cave/cavern system up there, and visiting some beaches up towards Farewell Spit. I'm excited to see this new area and travel the other direction out of Nelson, and get in some more good social time as well!

Tune back in next week for photos and stories, and have a wonderful Easter Weekend, and ANZAC day if you're in New Zealand or Australia!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz. My name is Ezequiel (known as "Eze"). I dont know how but i found your blog and i started reading it. I m really enjoying it.
I m from Argentina and I ve been in NZ for 1 year and i ll stay another year. I ve a blog too and... its written in Spanish!! So if you want you can practice your spanish and i ll be very happy to help u to achive one of the things that you wanna do in your life.
Have a lovely easter and ANZAD day and give my regards to Matt