Friday, July 1, 2011

Off Into the Weekend

So I clearly did not anticipate how much exhaustion I would come up against, what with a massive move and the big job of unpacking and arranging, a fair bit of it done on my own while Matt has been at work (I'm certainly not complaining- he's the one bringing home the bacon at the moment!). Both Matt and I have been struggling all week (we've been here in the house for a week!) trying to get enough rest and relaxation in while knowing that there are any of a million tasks to be done around the house. Between all the busyness of the last week it's been difficult to find enough time for writing, let alone for taking care of myself and managing to have the evenings free to spend with Matt as we make our new home here. As such, I'm going to take another little break, and I should be back later next week. This weekend holds a whole huge bunch of awesomeness in the way of celebrating the marriage of two of our good friends here in town, in addition to the 4th of July. On the 5th I start a temporary job that I landed last week, so things are going to be a little insane around here as we adjust further. We just need a little more time to celebrate with our friends, continue to slowly organize our house, and grow accustomed to both of us working away from home all day at separate jobs, and only being home together in the evenings- a vast change from the constant company we kept in New Zealand and one of the hardest differences we've faced since coming home.

I'm so excited to share photos of our house and more of the garden, but right now our partnership (and the awesome weather predicted for this weekend) is the priority. I'll be back soon!

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DEB said...

Enjoy your break from us and don't burst your pfoofer valve over household bits and pieces, take time to enjoy each other. Take care