Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Days

We're on our third summer in a row now, and already the days are filled with so much sun and goodness that it all seems to be going by too fast. This week we achieved a bit of a routine around home, even with both of us being physically exhausted when we get home (Matt is teaching kayaking camps all day, and I am now biking 13 miles a day, commuting across town). Despite being tired, we have been maintaining our energy by eating good home-cooked meals (made easy thanks to menu plans) and by spending at least an hour every evening working around the yard and garden. Everything in the garden is growing fabulously, thanks to lots of sun over the last week, and we have put in a lot of work on the wild front yard, and are finally able to see the front of our house from the street!

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about our visit to a local farm today, but for now here is our past week in photos:
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 We celebrated the wedding of two close friends, with a pre-wedding picnic on the beautiful Sandy River, where the bride and groom went for a paddle in the kayaks they received as a gift.

Matt and I before the wedding ceremony. 

 Dinner for four: two good friends came over for dinner on Thursday night, and we dined on buttermilk biscuits, fresh green salad, and fruit with a variety of cheeses. To die for.

 Our mailbox, which previously resided inside this honeysuckle bush, is now easily accessible, thanks to some pruning work by Matt. 

Dinner for two: Pasta with Parmesan and fresh oregano from the garden, and tomatoes (not ours...) with fresh basil (ours!) and feta.

 This week, we are truly home.


DEB said...

That food looked great, I love the light in the last pic and buttermilk biscuits reminded me of the Prarie Home Companion.

FlowerLady said...

I bet it feels good to be home, getting into a routine that eases the exhaustion of work. Working in our gardens is a great relaxer even though it can be lots of work. (I love it.)

What a lovely place to have a pre-wedding picnic. Love the picture of you two.

Your home cooked meals look yummy.

I love your honeysuckle covered mail box, and what looks to be roses next to it.

Have a lovely Sunday and a great week.