Sunday, October 30, 2011

At the Market

Yesterday morning we visited the Farmer's Market in the park blocks at Portland State (my school). The weather was decent, the trees were beautiful, and the market was vibrant as usual, with the added fun of half the people there in Halloween costume!

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We spent $37 on an assortment of hamburger, bacon and sausages from Deck Family Farm, and for $15 we came away with a massive Queensland Blue pumpkin, a few smaller winter squashes, big bunches of Russian kale and curly kale, a couple cucumbers, several bell peppers, some green onions, and a few other goodies I can't remember!

We've managed to be very productive this weekend, which is helping me feel a lot better about the amount of stuff I have to get done during the week! We got the garlic in the ground yesterday afternoon, baked a batch of bread, I whacked back the huge and out-of-control butterfly bushes in our front yard, finished up some sewing, and have been getting lots of this week's readings for school out of the way. Don't worry, I'm still fitting in some relaxation time! Now I'm going to get outside for a few minutes before it gets dark, and catch up on a few little chores around the garden. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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FlowerLady said...

What lovely pictures, and it sounds like you are accomplishing quite a bit with your new schedule. All we can do any day, is do what we can and not stress about the rest. Each day is a gift.

Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady