Friday, October 14, 2011

A Hectic Week

As you can probably tell from my most-of-a-week absence, it's been a little bit of a wild week. It's all been good, just busy busy busy. Our new housemate Lisa moved in on Sunday afternoon with her cat, Maggie. They have settled in and Maggie has let it be known that she is an incredibly sweet and friendly feline. She is an affectionate lapcat who enjoys sitting on the pillows of Matt's and my bed during the day, chicken-watching out the back windows. It's so nice to have a cat around; it makes this house feel even more like home.

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I feel a bit bad that Lisa moved in just as we launched into a busy week with houseguests all week and me down on campus every day- definitely not what things usually look like around here, but Lisa has been a real sport about it. It's been wonderful to have our friends Provo and Jeremy here all week, but no matter how awesome your guests, having extra people around makes things feel a little chaotic. Add to that the two new chickens (which have mostly made their peace with the old flock), four new rabbits and a big gathering of friends last night (which started before I got home from class), and my head is spinning! Not to mention school and studying, all of which is going great but definitely takes up a lot of my time. Oy.

I'm so grateful for Matt; he has been a great homekeeper in my daily absences, keeping the house in order, managing our growing menagerie and making delicious dinners (in the absence of a menu plan, which we abandoned with so much going on this week- must write up a new one today). He even went to a networking event this week sponsored by Friends of Family Farmers and has already gotten a handful of leads in the local farming world, including the woman we bought the rabbits from. On top of all that, he's been turning in job applications and looking up various internships, with some exciting leads.

Outdoors, things are getting colder and much more Octobery. I had some free time a couple mornings ago and picked the last of the tomatoes, including all the green ones that had reached full size, cut the remaining cabbages (which were small but probably not going to grow anymore) and picked the runner beans and brought in all the other last gleanings from the garden. I had enough time to plant in some cover crops and I'll do the rest today.

I'm looking forward to a nice day off from everything school-related today, taking the time to just settle back into home, catch up on gardening and baking and relaxing. I've been moving so quickly all week and been away so much that I feel a little out of touch with home, so today will be all about getting back in touch with things around here.

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