Saturday, November 19, 2011

Practical Gift Sewing

I've been thinking a lot about sewing projects lately. I have a couple different things planned and underway, but I feel like I keep falling back to the same types of projects- simple skirts or square household things. I need some new ideas! I like all my sewing to be useful and practical, things I can wear or use around the house or give as gifts that will be appreciated, not just something that takes up space.

 I am looking for ideas of things that I can make with the variety of fabric scraps I currently have (quite a few, varying in size, enough to stuff a pillowcase full) without needing to buy any new fabric.

I am relatively new to sewing but I think I could take on something besides square linens! Does anyone have ideas for unusual but relatively easy gifts to sew? (or craft in other ways, too).  I've done a lot of poking around on blogs but I feel like there must be more ideas hidden away out there somewhere! What do you give as simple, homemade gifts?


Laurel said...

drawstring bags or other lunch type bags, patchwork totes, fabric coaster sets, patchwork quilts?

Amy said...

Haven't you made bags or purses before? Even if you haven't, I bet you could figure it out pretty easily. That would be a cute gift idea!

Liz said...

Oooh, I love the idea of lunch bags! I've managed one small bag before, that is definitely something to expand on. Thanks for the ideas!

farmer_liz said...

for winter, I have made wheat bags for friends in the past (if you haven't heard for them, they are just a bag of wheat that you microwave and they stay warm for ages). for example
You can use some nice fabric to make the bag and juts fill it with wheat and sew it up :)

Lisa said...

Half aprons are easy enough. Think square with a band! If you dont have enough of any one material, make them in stripes or patchworky.

Amy is right purses are cute and quick.

I am only a learner sew-er to.I cant bring myself to use sewer cause its a sewer if you know what i mean!

Have fun!

Shelley said...

For our wedding, I'm expecting nothing less than a tapestry of Angkor Wat sewn together from every bit of your most luxurious scraps-complete with miniature bas-reliefs of our artistically inspired countenances appliqued on the walls.

Anonymous said...

You can make unpaper towels. They are square but they are very practical and I frequently give them as a set with a handmade wetbag. My sister in law likes her so much I have had to make her a second set.