Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bunnies, lavender, strawberries, hail.

At school, the finish line nears. At home:

 It has become apparent that we thankfully got good pollination this spring, and the fruit trees are loaded! They'll need to be thinned a bit in the next couple of weeks.

 The garage is once again bursting with baby bunnies! This batch (two litters born on the same day) are now two weeks old.

 The carrots are looking awfully carroty.

Matt baked cookies in celebration of me turning in the second of two massive big papers this week. They have disappeared quickly!

The dogwood tree has convinced us that when we buy property, we are getting one just like this! The blossoms have been holding steady for three weeks now. 

The lavender start we planted last summer has quadrupled in size and is blooming.

Our first pea!

We had a gnarly hailstorm yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, the rhubarb was the only thing that sustained any real damage. 

The roses just keep getting better. 

We've been eating a lot of spinach. 

And our first strawberries of the summer!

A big pot of veggie stock was made, to help fill our slightly empty freezer.

Lady Macbeth has earned herself several more black marks. In addition to being the loudest of the flock, she has now escaped from the run every single morning for the last ten days, and yesterday morning she decided to excavate a 10 square foot section of the lawn. We've tightened up the fence, but to no avail. If she weren't such a good layer, we'd be having chicken soup for dinner. 

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