Monday, June 18, 2012

Start-of-Summer Cobbler (and a Day at the Beach)

The strawberries launched into production full-bore about five days ago. For the first two days it was a handful of ripe ones each day, and now it's a big bowlful. The raspberries are starting now too. I was right- we're getting a bumper crop this year!

Upon inspecting the contents of the freezer, I found that we still had a few small containers of frozen berries from last summer- some raspberries and some strawberries. Time to use those up, with all the fresh ones coming on! I didn't have enough to make a dessert on their own, but some fresh rhubarb from the front yard added enough critical mass for a cobbler!

I used the blueberry cobbler recipe from How to Cook Everything but substituted in the fruit I had on hand. While this recipe is incredibly delicious and super rich, I think it's just a little too buttery for me (and I used 3/4 of the butter it called for) and I think next time I'll use one that's closer to a biscuit dough than a melty cookie dough.

It was so nice to bake something! I don't think I've done that since spring break at the end of March. And also, it was delicious and disappeared very quickly!

On Saturday we celebrated my new found freedom from school by heading to the coast for the day. The surf was up at Pacific City, but I didn't feel like getting in the water- I was looking forward to just laying around in the sun- and it was gorgeous out. So while Matt surfed for four hours, I relaxed and got fairly sunburnt, despite multiple applications of sunscreen and a strange ethereal fog that hung over the water, moving in and out and up and down, veiling the massive sea stack that is Pacific City's icon.
 Fog....No fog!

Berries on the beach!

Getting a start on my summer reading.

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