Saturday, December 1, 2012

Slow Stitches

I am a very slow knitter. I learned to knit about three years ago, but I am very start-and-stop about it, and can still count on two hands the number of items I have knitted. I really enjoy knitting, but I am a situational knitter- I tend to do most of my knitting either on road trips or on visits to my parents. I rarely actually sit down at home to knit. Partially because of time, and partially because at this point knitting still takes enough of my brain power that it is difficult for me to concentrate on it with anything else going on.

BUT- awhile ago I finished my first non-square, non-flat knitted item!

A simple cotton baby hat, my first venture into the word of double-ended needles, and I am quite proud of it. It was really quite easy, but next time I'll use a bulkier yarn that doesn't take so long to add up. The dimensions are questionable, however- it would fit a very big baby!

I actually started it back in July...
Driving east near Boardman, Oregon, on our way to Spokane

And finished it in late August...
Driving north on I-5 near Kalama, WA, on our way to the Olympic Peninsula

And didn't remember to post about it until now. 

I finally finished a waffle-weave dishcloth I started back in August:
I finished it at Mom & Dad's over Thanksgiving, although I spaced out and screwed up the pattern in the last inch or two (it being a dishcloth, I didn't go back to fix it :) 

This week I cast on for another one. Maybe I'll finish this one by the time I graduate! :)

Slow or not, I really love knitting, and have the goal of being able to knit substantial baby clothes by the time I actually have babies of my own. In the meantime, I have a couple other babies to knit for. Over my winter break, I will be knitting a couple of squares for a community baby blanket for a classmate who is due in January. Then I'll start working on something for another little one who is due in the summer. Maybe at some point I'll even get it together to join Ravelry for some more inspiration! Until then, slow stitches it is.

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