Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here I Am

Here I am, finally completely moved in. I did the last of my shopping yesterday, got the last few pieces needed to set my home in order (Ikea lamps, some artwork for my bright white walls, and a coat stand...), and spent the rest of the day organizing, cleaning, and getting everything into its place. The rest of today will be spent getting my school stuff organized, notes sorted out, etc in preparation for heading back to class this week. I'm six months away from being an MPH. It's getting very exciting, and I have been looking forward to this quarter very much. I'm taking a course in public health nutrition, which is one of my key interests, and also a social epidemiology class in addition to my fieldwork with the Oregon Health Authority, which begins on Wednesday. It feels like I'm really getting started on my future, in so many ways. Also time to start studying for the giant comprehensive exam that I must take in order to graduate. I have an excellent group of friends from the program that I will be studying with, so we should all be well-prepared by the time the exam rolls around in May.

Here's a little tour of my pad:

My little bedroom, which I am calling a glorified hallway. Well, it would be, except I blocked it from being a hallway by putting the bed up against the door to the living room. The apartment is a circle, with everything connected to everything else- for being very small, it is very well laid out. I don't need much space, and there is just the right amount of storage space too. Lots of things are stored under the bed, and in the closet (which is to the right in this photo). 

 Little kitchen with my mini-stove that works great! I've decided to go with a theme of emphasizing all the wood in the apartment- wooden cupboards, wooden floors in the bedroom and living room, and my new and old wooden furniture and accents. 

Teensy laundry room between the bedroom and bathroom. You probably wouldn't believe how much stuff I've got stored in this tiny space!

Looking through the kitchen to the bathroom. I put what used to be my sewing table in the kitchen for some extra counter space. It's too low for me to actually work at, but is good for my new crock pot and storing things on.

 The dining room side of the front room. The wicker hampers hold my sewing and craft supplies. 

The study side of the front room. 

Time to go take advantage of the rest of my Sunday, and get those last chores finished up before the week begins!


Heather said...

Looks great! :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Liz ~ I love your sweet little space. It's cozy and homey and you look like you utilized every square inch. I do love your kitchen cabinets.

Enjoy this next semester and may you pass with flying colors.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Laurel said...

It looks lovely. I'll have to visit soon. I also see why the extra lighting was important - my power of visualization is weak without pictures.