Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Settling

Fall came in like a lion this year. The first half of September was sunshine and the hottest days of the summer, then the universe flipped a switch and then CRASH-BANG: storms and wind and branches falling on power lines and record rainfall.

It rained sideways a lot last weekend. 

Wonderfully, the last two days have been gorgeous and blue.

I was still in summer mode and sudden fall weather was a bit of a shock to my system, but I'm adjusting now. I'm home in Portland after gallivanting all over the place all summer, and it's wonderful to not have to think about packing for trips, to be able to lay in bed on a weekend morning and think of all the things that can be done that day, here.

My routine is changing a little bit now. One of the main reasons is this excellent person:

Meet Bill, who has been rocking my socks off for the last 2+ months. He's an incredibly talented woodworker, teacher and outdoorsman. He has designed a beautiful shaker-style island/cabinet for my kitchen, which is being built from entirely reclaimed wood. I know nothing about cabinetmaking, and he insists on teaching me as we go. I have no complaints.

Drafting the plan for the cabinet.

All summer I got out of the habit of cooking much, because with so much traveling I had to limit the fresh food that was in the house, so it wouldn't go bad while I was away for several days. Now I am adjusting back to thinking differently about cooking and shopping, while taking into account that I'm at Bill's a couple evenings a week, and he is at mine another couple evenings. I'm reveling in cooking and eating fresh baked goods, squash and apples, and hot soups and stews to counteract the horrific weather of late. This is a new favorite recipe.

At the garden, things have mostly been put to bed for the winter. Leeks, cabbages and collards are still growing, my seed garlic should be arriving any day, and the last of the green tomatoes are ripening on my windowsill.

These days I'm job searching, looking to start my public health career, and I'm excited about some of the opportunities that are coming my way. I'm taking a photography class at a local arts center, and stoked to learn more about using my new camera, but disgruntled that my ancient computer has a hard time handling the big, best quality photos.

Soaking up autumn, taking a ridiculous number of photos, a shot at my dream job, a great guy, and the coziness of the shift in seasons. I try not to take any of these moments for granted, when happiness is so easy.

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