Monday, February 3, 2014

Impending Auntiehood

My niece/nephew is expected to arrive in about six weeks. I'm very very excited, and while I've been Auntie Liz to a few different amazing kiddos for a number of years, it took me quite awhile to grasp the fact that I am in fact going to be related to this one. The reality of this particular version of auntiehood finally got hit home in the past couple weeks by the following thoughts:

A) My big brother is going to be a DAD. This is a very good thing, and he'll be an amazing one, but it's just...bizarre.

B) My parents are going to be grandparents. Someone will call them Grandma and Grandpa (or Gram and Grandad, or whatever). This too is very good, but also exceedingly weird.

and then the other day this thought popped into my head, as I was wondering what the baby will look like:

C) It could look like me. Family resemblances run strong in my family. S/he is not my child, but s/he will share enough of my DNA that this is, in fact, a possibility.


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