Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow and Ice

We had an unexpectedly long weekend here, as Portland got hit with cold temperatures, then high winds, then snow, and then ice. Schools were closed, the city ground to a halt, all of my weekend plans were postponed, and I cabin fever pretty badly after the fun of the first day or two. I did a lot of knitting, drank a lot of hot cocoa, and watched a lot of PBS Nature documentaries.

On Saturday night, the freezing rain hit, and the entire city became coated with ice. We woke up to emergency alert text messages telling us not to go anywhere or attempt to drive. Venturing out on Sunday morning with my camera, I managed not to slip and fall, and got these photos:

Those are ice droplets.

Bill's car with its icy coating.

I had only just gotten back on my bike a few days before the storm hit, and after being cooped up inside and unable to go anywhere for a couple days (Portland simply can't handle snow--too few plows, few people have snow tires-- so even those of us who know how to drive in it rarely venture out) I am more than ready to be active again. Bill is finally off crutches but still has to baby his foot a bit, but hopefully soon we will be back in shape to get in some good hikes.

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