Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Things I've been up to lately besides gardening:
  • Mending socks. I cannot figure out why, but I seem to be incapable of wearing a pair of socks without punching a hole in the toe. This keeps me busy with mending, as the only socks that are immune are the thick wool ones, and I have a thing for a certain brand of thinner (and very loud) knee socks. 
  • Putting in steady progress on Tighe & Lisia's wedding present. My brother is getting married in July and while I may have gotten myself in over my head with this gift, I am loving how it is turning out. But still quite a bit of work to go. Luckily there are parts of it I can do in my downtime at work. I will post lots of photos in a big reveal after the wedding. 
  • Learning how to take in some of my button-downs. They were a little loose, so I am attempting to make them more fitted. It seems to be working well so far. 
  • Brainstorming and prepping for lots more gift-making. I have just learned that one set of friends are not only engaged, but are expecting a baby in late autumn! Two other dear friends will be married mid-September, and my favorite little girl, Maya, is turning 2 at the end of May, so I am putting something together to send off in a package to Nebraska here pretty soon. I have lots of ideas floating around. The question is simply, where is the time to get it all done? 
  • Learning to knit! Thank you, Leah! We spent a lovely evening last week sitting on the floor in front of my heater and now I know the basics and am excited to figure out the more complicated stuff. But I'm trying to pace myself!  
  • Getting to know lots of wonderful simple living blogs. Check out the list in my sidebar. There are too many to list, so these are just a few of my favorites.


    Karen Sue said...

    Like you, I go through toes..I think I lift up my big toe a lot when I walk, because I also go through shoe toes or they show wear in the same manner!
    You look like you've been keeping busy! It is like fall here for the last week or almost...chilly, rainy, sort of yucky...a week ago I was putting my seedling out for a session in the sun, now I'm trying to figure out where to stash them, since I transplanted in bigger containers, until it is warm enough to go out again.

    Stop over and see my formal dress that I've been working on! and I'm a basic knitter, but found an easy pattern for fingerless gloves that I REALLY like and no thumb or finger knitting at all...good beginner project. I think I need to post a picture of them.

    I also have a pretty decent list of gifts-to-do. My daughter graduates and I have something special for her and several somethings for her friend...guess I'd better hop on it!

    Fay said...

    I'm so pleased you have learnt how to knit! Can't wait to see what you create. I'm thinking of making a quilt for my friend's wedding present but as it has to be amazing I'm a bit reluctant to start. Got until September so it will no doubt be a rush job! Fay x