Friday, May 21, 2010


I fell in love with English tea when I studied in London for 3 1/2 months in 2004. I mean, really fell in love. Before I went to the U.K., I did not drink much black tea, and had never (never!) had milk in my tea. But I was quickly converted, as my English host family on Batchworth Lane (now you know where my blog URL comes from!) kept a big tin of PG Tips on the kitchen counter at all times-- it became standard fare for me. I usually drink several cups a day, but had never owned a teapot until a few weeks ago. We Americans have a habit of just using teabags and brewing one cup of tea at a time. Astounded at the difference in flavor when the tea has been steeped in a pot, I finally decided it was time.

Sturdy and green, like most things I enjoy!

PG Tips or Darjeeling with sugar and milk, it's my best form of comfort food/drink. I have a feeling this is true for many others as well. Something about tea....


Anonymous said...

Where did you purchase that lovely tea pot, if I might ask?

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Oh, there is nothing better than a pot of freshly brewed tea! Milk first or last? ;)
A couple years ago my sister bought me a small china tea-pot that makes just enough tea for two. Perfect!

(P.S. Have ended up at your lovely blog as a result of your Kitchen Sink being featured at Down-to-Earth)

Liz said...

To Anonymous: I bought this teapot online (because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted in any stores around here), but I can't remember exactly where. However, if you search "Peter Sadler green teapot" you will find it in several different places. Mine is the "six teacup" size (I think 37 oz.?), and I find it perfect.