Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Square Meal

It's remarkable how difficult it seems sometimes to come up with a well-rounded meal. Which is also sometimes referred to as a square meal (the left side of my brain is now going: "Wait, how can a square be round?"). I have been making a habit of planning ahead, trying to remember to take frozen soup stock or beans out of the freezer in advance, cooking double portions so there are leftovers for a couple days' worth of lunches, and trying to always inventory what is left in the fridge so I can make sure I always have some veggies, some protein, and some bread or grains of some kind. It doesn't always work (as evidenced by my occasional meals of popcorn), but by enhancing my awareness of what is available to me and by getting my brain used to planning in advance, more and more often I am able to throw together a fairly easy, well-balanced meal at very little cost.

Last night Matt and I had chicken soup with dumplings, and a nice salad with a soy-sesame dressing. Protein, check. Grain/bread, check. Vegetables, check. These are the things that make my body feel healthy, and let my mind rest in the knowledge that I am treating myself (and my partner) well.

A few weeks ago, I put together this meal: (the protein may be a little lacking, but it was delicious!

Throwing together some biscuits:

The Meal:
Biscuits with honey, steamed green beans (of the frozen variety), red kale salad with olive oil and Parmesan.


Karen Sue said...

I am a leftovers person married to a not-really leftovers hubby. I'm still making adjustments 14 years later!! Today I wanted to serve the leftover tuna & noodles, but instead it was soup. It's OK...maybe tomorrow!!

FlowerLady said...

I love your square biscuit cutters, and would love to read your book How to Cook Everything. I need to see if our local library has it. Your meal looks simple, homey and delicious.