Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Free Box Tea Set!

Portland has a major free box culture. If you want to get rid of something that isn't actually trash, you leave it on the curb (in a box or not) or on a neighborhood "free bench" and it always disappears within a couple days. One of my favorite free box finds includes a perfect-condition wok that I found on the curb in front of my house. Matt was wondered aloud recently how many hundreds of dollars we've saved between the two of us, just by finding free stuff on the street. It's that awesome.

Once again, a few days ago, the curb in front of my house yielded a wonderful find. Matt found it and brought it in to me, and it was just another piece of evidence that he knows me very well. See, my favorite color scheme is bright yellow, blue, and white. A lot of what I own has been hand picked at thrift stores or import markets just because of these colors and patterns, or given to me for the same reason. For evidence, here are some of my current dishes:

And here's what Matt found:

I believe my reaction was along the lines of "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!"

Totally up my alley, happy bright tea cups and saucers that match my other dishes in the haphazard-but-same-color-scheme that I love, it totally made my night. 

Pretty and free. Perfect, no?


Wendy said...

They are beautiful. I would so have them at my tea party. I wish we had more of this here in Australia. I usually prefer to give something away than try and make a fortune at a flea market sale. Enjoy your new find. Cheers, Wendy

Quilter said...

Matt is a legend! What an awesome find!

angela said...

what a great find. We dont have that system here in Australia but we do have freecycle. Its an email based system and people offer all kinds of stuff for free. I have gotton quite a few things from it and given away a bit too. Better than it going to landfill and better that someone finds a great use for something I no longer need.