Friday, June 25, 2010

The State of the Garden, Part 2

As previously mentioned, the weather has been terrible here until a couple days ago, and my poor garden has been neglected as I've stayed inside to avoid this month of rain. However, this week is at least dry and warm, though somewhat cloudy, so I spent Monday evening surveying the damage and trying to tidy up and put things back in order.

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Cilantro, spearmint, and nasturtiums surviving.

Bright Lights Chard, planted long ago but stunted by rain and slugs and overrun and shaded by my potato plants. Here they are, you can see the colors developing in the stems.
Matt decided to document me attempting to prop up my crazy potatoes:
Of course I didn't give them enough space when I planted them, although they seem to be growing fine, just flopping over and shading everything else. They are blooming though, which means I might dig for some new potatoes later this week!

My old clothes rack finally gave up the ghost, so I reduced it to its basic elements and used the rods as stakes, and the folding sides as trellises:

This is to keep my sweet peas from flopping over on their sides. I think it actually looks really cool:
These cucumbers that Olga gave me are growing and blooming healthily, but all the ones I started died as soon as I planted them into the garden...

I propped up some nasturtiums:

And snapped off all the garlic scapes (this helps the plant shut down in preparation for harvesting):

I also pulled out the hoe and went after all the weeds that have been thriving on this moisture, disentangled some garlic plants from a swarm of morning glory vines, and cut off the bottom branches of some tomato plants, which were yellowed and damaged from all the mud. 

Rosemary is one thing that loves Portland's wet climate. I bought this plant as a tiny start a year ago:

Here's some more nasturtiums climbing on something else repurposed as a 
trellis (metalwork from my old screen door):

I ended my bout of garden-tidying by collecting some rosemary and green onions to roast with potatoes for dinner, with some of the garlic scapes. The rest of the scapes were sauteed with olive oil and salt- one of my favorite summer treats, and even more special since Matt had never had them before!

I hope your garden grows well, and that lots of sunshine is finding its way to you!

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