Friday, June 18, 2010

New Napkins for My Table

Here's a few photos of those napkins I sewed up last weekend. The ones I already had, all thrift store finds from several years ago, are getting pretty cruddy, so I thought a few nicer ones would be a good addition to my kitchen. I was at the fabric store a couple weeks ago so I picked out four bright cotton quarters and cut these out and hemmed them up last Sunday. After hemming, they are 14 inches square. You may notice that I don't set much store by coordinated colors or sets of anything. I much prefer an assortment of bright, eclectic things, which is demonstrated by everything around my house. I have very few matching dishes, but they are all bright and unique, my clothes are almost all bright colors, and I don't care too much if the different things I am wearing clash a bit. For whatever reason, I just love a big riot of color, as you can see here:


Dean Larson said...

Hi Liz,

Those are beautiful! I work for Napkins-Only, we provide personalized napkins for different venues, mainly the hospitality industry but we also do linen napkins. Do you sell your napkins or is this just an example of something you do for yourself? My wife would love those :). How long have you been making them?

Liz said...

This is the second set of napkins I have made. I don't sell anything that I make, at least not at this point in my life; what I make is for my own household or for gifts. thanks for the comment though!

Karen Sue said...

Cloth Napkins have usually been a hit when I give them for a gift.
One Christmas Eve I gave them to someone and everyone else wished they had them, so by the next Christmas, everyone had them. I made both my mom and mother in law a slew of Christmas napkins so they have enough, no matter how many of us are at the table.
One year, for a wedding gift, I made a set of 12 napkins for each of the 4 seasons and included 4-6 woven placemats I'd picked up somewhere in off white. That was 16 years ago and his mom still remarks how they always use my napkins when they go to David's!! I love to give something that gets used.

Wendy said...

I was just thinkin yesterday while watching my guests at a BBQ at home that I need to do something about the use of paper napkins in my house. I don't buy tissues in this house any more and I made all my own washable old fashioned hankies and now I am going to make a wonderful cane basket full of colourful napkins like yours. Thanks for the idea and for sharing, Cheers, Wendy

Quilter said...

Liz those are really nice, and I like the colour combination! Sam xox