Sunday, September 26, 2010

Betty is Now Lucy, and a Tour of Lucy

Written 6:29 PM, NZDT, 27th Sept.
Rotorua Public Library

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After a couple days of life with the van, we decided she was not really a Betty, and Matt has re-christened her "Lucy." Lucy the Lucida has taken us faithfully thus far. Here are some photos:
Lucy at Dickey Flat campground (free!), our first night out of Auckland

Sheep loading gate at Dickey Flat

Waitawheta River ("White-uh-feta") at Dickey Flat

Matt and one of two moonroofs!

Our first cookout lunch, at a park in Tauranga

Me pretending to be a master outdoor chef (yes, it was raining)

Lucy's dent

The "bed cave"

The van mascot, Bob (who you might recognize as Mr. Incredible). According to the previous owners, Bob is good luck and all the crap days they had with the van were when they took Bob down from his post. We were warned never to put him anywhere else :) His is Robert in formal situations, of course. 

The living room

"front bulkhead" storage- groceries and odds and ends behind the seats

The kitchen

Side storage. Behind the chilly bin, we each have a plastic bin for our clothes.

Rear storage. Cooking and cleaning gear. 

Matt got breakfast in bed this morning:) 

Lucy in all her glory, at Lake Rerewhakaitu this morning (southeast of Rotorua). 

My internet time is fast coming to a close right now, so I'll get you up to date on our recent meanderings another time. In the meantime, remember that "wh" in New Zealand makes an F sound!


Sue said...

Oh, this looks like fun! I love how you have set the van up-you seem to have everything you need. What a great adventure.
My husband and I travel 2 months of the year, staying at hotels, and have often had the conversation about getting an old camper van. I will be sure to show him this!! I hope you have a really great time, and I'm looking forward to more posts on your adventures!

FlowerLady said...

Your camping reminds me of camping in Spain and other parts of Europe when we were there between 70-73.

Lucy looks like she is getting you where you want to go, and in style too even though she has a dent.

You two are having a wonderful adventure and I'm happy to be part of it via the web.


Erin McKee said...

Well, I feel a lot better knowing Bob is looking out for you. ;) Glad you made it there safely, looking forward to seeing more beautiful pics & reading about your adventures!