Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Earthquake and We are Fine

I've had a number of concerned comments wanting to make sure we are ok after the earthquake in Christchurch today; we are fine, still on the North Island and a long ways from where the quake was. But there are many who are not fine- for those of you who hadn't yet heard, the quake was 6.3 magnitude but only three miles deep, and hit Christchurch at lunch hour. 65 people are dead with the toll is expected to rise; it's much worse than the initial earthquake they had in September. The photos on the news are pretty devastating- I've been to Christchurch Cathedral, and now the huge stone spire is completely gone. But I suppose that's nothing beside all the deaths and injuries. There are still loads of people trapped in collapsed buildings, so how awful it all is remains to be seen. But we are both fine, and a long ways from the damage. Although the disaster is nowhere near the likes of the Haiti earthquake and many others, it's still incredibly eerie to have such a thing happen relatively close by. The Canterbury area has had tremors pretty much every week, but this one is definitely the worst so far.


FlowerLady said...

Thank you for letting us all know you are safe. How awful for the people of Christchurch.


Carthey said...

Hey Piolot... Toes happens to be in Christchurch right now. She is fine but I am sure she would love to know you are as well! So exciting to read all about your many adventures!!