Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo Essay: A Week of Camp Meals

I thought some of you might like to see what kind of cooking we're doing while on the road, so I made a note to take photos of some of our dinners and a few other meals. Friday's dinner is missing because that's the night we bought fish & chips since the torrential rain prevented us cooking. Because we only have one burner to cook on, you'll notice that a lot of meals only require one thing to be cooked, or one thing that can be cooked and set aside to steam while the second bit is cooked.

Buen provecho!

(Click on photos to enlarge)
 Monday dinner: burritos with salsa (pre-made at the Wavehaven) and one of our precious cans of black beans (thanks, Jessa!). Bombay, in the Waikato

 Tuesday dinner: Pork chops, couscous, and green salad (from Blair's garden). Waipu, Northland.

Wednesday dinner: Pasta with (storebought) cheese sauce, cooked after dark. Somewhere near Baylys Beach, Northland.

Thursday dinner: Quesadillas with rice and black beans. Ahipara, Far North.

Saturday lunch: FRESH mussels! Cooked in white wine, garlic, butter, and lemon. With leftover rice and beans, and tomatoes (bought from the side of the road at $2.50 a bag). Ahipara, Far North.

 Saturday dinner: Couscous, sauteed chicken breast, and tomatoes. Ahipara, Far North.

Sunday dinner: Hamburgers with garlic and rosemary, tomatoes, and leftover rice. Rarawa, Far North.

 Monday breakfast: pancakes with butter and brown sugar, and tea. Rarawa, Far North.

Monday lunch: Crackers, tomatoes, cheese, and ham. Very typical of our picnic lunches. Tapotupotu Bay, Far North. 

Yep, I'd say we're doing pretty well for ourselves.

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