Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heading South, and Sun in November!

Written/Posted 2:50 PM, Monday, November 1st, 2010
Huntly, in the Waikato

We left the Coromandel Peninsula this morning, after camping last night at Whangamata. We had a nice night in the campground we stayed in last week (and a proper shower!), and shared dinner and breakfast with a girl from Northern Ireland who was traveling on her own. We're on our way south to New Plymouth, and are currently stopped in Huntly, not too far north of Hamilton, and on the beautiful Waikato River (which, we just found out, supplies 50% of New Zealand's electricity). We're fans of Huntly, especially since it has a laundromat (all, and I mean ALL, of our clothes and linens were dirty) and a gorgeous library with free internet.

I forgot to post a few other photos from Kennedy Bay:
 The black pig was caught wild. 

 A swim in the estuary

K Bay with truck, beer bottles, and pig dogs :) 

While the nights are cold, the weather is remaining on our side- beautiful sunny days that have me totally turned around, since November back home is the opposite of this. Yesterday on our way south we stopped at Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve and took the walk down to Mare's Leg Cove, to some of the most astonishing scenery I've seen yet. While our experiences on the Coromandel were mixed, there's no doubt that it is an absolutely beautiful place. Here are some photos:
(Click to enlarge)

 Me and the gateway to Narnia (you might recognize it from the Prince Caspian movie...)

View back across the beach at the archway.

We're not really sure what the next few days will look like, but I will update in due time- maybe we'll have work of some kind by then (one can hope, right?). Until then, Happy November to you all!

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Alina Harway said...

Postcard! Yayyyyyy!

Now that the end of election season is in sight, looking forward to you all settling in somewhere for awhile so I can reciprocate. (Love snail mail.)