Monday, October 25, 2010

Trekking, Driving, Shiring, and Soaking

7:27 PM, Tuesday, October 26th
Whitianga, Mercury Bay, Coromandel Peninsula

I'm totally knackered tonight, so just a quick post to apologize for my radio silence over the last couple days, and to let you know that we sucessfully traversed the Tongariro Crossing on the most beautiful day that could be wished for, soaked in "Magic Mineral Water" at some DOC-owned thermal pools the day after, driven through The Shire (for real), met loads of interesting people, and made our way partway up the Coromandel Peninsula. All in the last four days! I am going to have quite a job bringing the blog up to speed, but rest assured I will do so, and have plenty of photos to post too.

Today has been the most gorgeous of days, treating us like summer, and the highlight of our day was a trip to Hot Water Beach, where, yes, we dug holes in the beach to soak in thermally heated water that just sits there in the sand. And then...we jumped in the ocean for a swim, which was perfectly comfortable and refreshing, not frigidly cold like we are used to in Oregon.

Tomorrow we are headed across the peninsula to our next workstay, but hopefully I will find the time to post a bit in the morning before we leave the holiday park we are camped in here.

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