Monday, October 18, 2010

Latest Photos

 These are the photos I wasn't able to post before, from our jaunt to the Hukutaia Domain on Saturday. Click on the photos to enlarge- these ones have loads of crazy details!

 That's all one vine, wrapped around everything!

Palms, palms, everywhere!

 Massive Puriri tree hosting loads of other plants. 

 Nikau palm.

 Tree roots forming a pool for rainwater. 

A view of the Waioeka Valley from between the trees. 

These are photos of Taketakerau, a 2,000 year old Puriri tree that was once used as a burial tree for bones of distinguished members of the local Maori Iwi (tribe), the Whakatohea (Fahk-a-TOY-uh). The carved figures guarding the tree are called Tekoteko. The designs in the bark and tree were both beautiful and eerie- such a privilege to see this tree.

On the way home, we ran into a New Zealand traffic jam:

And after me wondering forever what these trees are, Lyn told me that they are Norfolk Pines.
They are not native to NZ, but imported from the Norfolk Islands for decorative purposes. The wood is not good for building or burning, so they are not particularly useful besides the fact that they look cool. This one is in Ohope, where we surfed this afternoon, just 30 minutes from "home."

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