Monday, August 29, 2011

A Rainy Morning

I woke up this morning to find a delightfully autumny atmosphere, complete with some clouds and a bit of drizzle! After weeks and weeks of sunshine, it actually feels good to me to have a bit of rain. It's not particularly cold, and it feels really nice to sit in the living room with all the windows open, and get the nice clean-feeling breeze through the house, clearing out the stagnant air from all of our days of heat with no breeze whatsoever. For the first time in ages, I am wearing a sweatshirt while I eat my breakfast and have my coffee, and I think I'm using the change in the weather to be a little lazy, although I have plenty to do inside the house today!

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I was planning to do laundry this morning, but as it's supposed to get sunny again soon, I'll put that off till we have a good day for drying clothes outside. I was also planning to do a little work on the front yard, which we have neglected a bit lately and which has therefore renewed some of its jungle status. We have such an awesome back yard that we spent next to no time out front- we don't have a front porch or any other incentive to spend time there, so do a lot more maintenance in the back.

**Side note- I just looked out the window and there is a hummingbird buzzing around and getting nectar from the blossoms on my scarlet runner beans!**

The front yard needs a bit of work, we have a couple trees and bushes that are growing out into the walkways and driveway again, and a rose bush that has come down from the neighbors' yard and tags us in the head every time we get out of the car. On the other side of the yard, the rose patch is embarrassingly full of weeds (and I don't easily get embarrassed by abundance of weeds...) and needs a bit of work. But that will have to wait at least until the rain stops.

Meanwhile, I've got plenty of indoor activities to keep me busy: grate and freeze a couple of the big courgettes (I still prefer that name to zuchinni :) I got yesterday from my friend Bonnie (trading the first bunch of lemon cucumbers for the zukes); get to work on some gifts for some babies arriving over the next few months; get the upstairs cleaned up and ready to serve as a guest room for my parents' visit over Labor Day weekend; pickle and can our abundance of jalapeno peppers; and get our bedroom ready for our brand new bed that will be delivered this afternoon!

This is our last big expensive house-related purchase, this bed. Since we moved into this house two months ago, we've been sleeping on our old futon mattress, on the hardwood floor (the futon frame was too hard to maneuver into our little bedroom, so it went straight upstairs). Said futon is the same one that was in Matt's old apartment for two years, and then became the bed we slept on for the year and a half before we went to New Zealand. It is old, incredibly compacted, and not at all comfortable, especially when it's right on the floor. Our housemate John got us the hookup with a friend who works at a locally owned mattress store and said he could swing us a good deal, so we went in on Saturday and bought a deliciously comfortable queen size box spring and pillow-top mattress, plus two brand new pillows, and got a $25 discount and free delivery for knowing an employee! Neither of us has ever owned a brand new mattress, and I think it will do us both a world of good, as our backs have been complaining and we've been reminiscing dreamily about the very comfortable mattress in Lucy the Van, back in New Zealand! Our bed set will be delivered today, and Matt's dad has given us a beautiful old fashioned brass bed frame, which we both love, so soon we'll be sleeping on a real bed, and the futon upstairs will be ready to go for guests (with a little extra padding underneath in the form of Thermarest pads) and for us to use as a couch!

With that, I should go check on the chickens and then get to work! I just checked the weather forecast, and the gray weather is supposed to clear up and it should be back to sunny and 80 degrees just in time for my parents' visit this weekend! Thank you, weather gods!

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Laurel said...

Hooray for a new comfy bed!