Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Skirts

I have sewn my first two items of clothing! Until this point, all of my sewing projects have been either square or rectangular, or just mending, so this is quite a landmark for me! My longtime friend Laurel came down from Seattle this past weekend for our housewarming party on Saturday night, and brought along her sewing machine and lots of inspiration for me. On Sunday morning we made an excursion to Fabric Depot, and then spent the afternoon at our sewing machines up in the garret. Inspired by the dozen or so skirts that Laurel has made in a similar vein, I used a simple pattern from McCall's for these skirts, which consist of two identical pieces of fabric, with seams down the sides, a simple rolled casing for the elastic waistband, and a hem along the bottom. I love their shape, they fit me great, and the second one only took me about twenty minutes to make! It was my first time sewing from a pattern, and Laurel was a great teacher. These were the two cotton fabrics that I had picked out:

 I had intended from the beginning to make a purple skirt with some gray in it, and I fell in love with this fabric, which has a silver sheen from afar.

This one makes me think 1930s!

And the final result:

I'm in love.


Brenna said...

These are adorable! My mom gave me her sewing machine last year and it has sat untouched since (GASP!). I am frankly completely intimidated by it, but this has made me a bit less scared! I will have to start off with some rectangular projects to get me more comfortable!

Brenna :)


DEB said...

Great job, the fabric is lovely and now you have saved a fortune. Very self satisfying all this creating, hey!

FlowerLady said...

Way to go Liz. For your first sewing projects I think you did fantastic. I love skirts, especially the layered down to your ankles types. I have four of them, that I didn't make, solid colors, so that I can wear colorful tops.

I like the fabrics you chose too. Now you'll be whipping skirts out, left and right.

Happy Sewing ~ FlowerLady

Alina Harway said...

Yay! Well done!
(Now when can I come over and learn? ;)

Laurel said...

We make a good team my friend!